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frodov [userpic]
by frodov (frodo_varekai)
at February 27th, 2006 (08:23 pm)

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Does anyone know who the youngest performer for Cirque has been?

I am writing a paper/speech on CDS. I am doing History, Current show, and acts. Help with finding this information would be great. thanks.

Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at February 22nd, 2006 (09:13 pm)

cute article about the food of cirque. it has little quotes by the twins about their eating habits. Cuisine du SoleilCollapse )

Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at February 13th, 2006 (12:01 am)

i made an atherton brothers layout!! i hope you guys like it (and use it!). let me know what you think!


Fae [userpic]
Another VAREKAI video!!!!!
by Fae (cirquechic204)
at January 22nd, 2006 (02:41 pm)

I made another VAREKAI fanvid today. This one is set to the El Péndulo Remix song. I don't like it as much as the Circle of Life one though, it doesn't flow as well, but oh well!! I hope you all like it!! I would suggest playing the video ad 50% size. When it starts playing, right click on the image, select video size, and play at 50% video size. It gives you a MUCH clearer picture than at 100% does, I don't know why, it just does!! lol!!



Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at January 22nd, 2006 (12:33 pm)

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
By Wendi Kaufman, The Washington Post
Friday, September 10, 2004

WHEN IT CAME down to either trying out for the Sydney Olympic Games or performing with Cirque du Soleil, British gymnastic champions Kevin and Andrew Atherton made the only choice they could: They ran away and joined the circus.

The identical twin brothers knew they wanted to be part of Cirque du Soleil the first time they saw the company perform at London's Royal Albert Hall.

"It literally gave us chills," says Andrew, who is the older twin by three minutes. "The high level of athleticism, the performance, we'd never seen anything like it before."

The Athertons are touring with "Varekai," Cirque du Soleil's latest production, which rolls into town this week, hoisting its big top on the grounds of RFK Stadium.

For the past 20 years, Cirque du Soleil has combined athleticism with artistry -- each performance a mix of drama, acrobatics, choreography, innovative sets and world music -- to reinvent the meaning of the word "circus." "Varekai" ( translated as "wherever" from the Romany language of Gypsies) is Cirque's newest production and pays homage to the nomadic spirit and art of the circus.

Viewers of the Bravo reality series "The Fire Within," which chronicled the development of "Varekai," will remember Kevin and Andrew. The muscular blond duo were featured each week, working hard on creating a bold and innovative new aerial act.

The result is a breathtaking two-man strap act; the brothers hang from a leather strap, about the width of a seat belt, soaring and performing synchronized acrobatic moves 60 feet above the audience, all without a safety net or cables.

"I've got to place 100 percent trust in my brother," Andrew explains. "I am holding on to the strap; Kevin is attached only by holding on to me. At one point, I've got the strap with one arm, Kevin with the other, and the only thing that is keeping me on the strap, keeping me from falling, is the weight of my brother pushing down the back of my hand. People always say that they can't believe what they're seeing."

A two-man strap act is fairly unusual, Kevin says. Traditionally, a strap act is performed solo. Here, at Cirque, the brothers Atherton each fly on their own strap, then combine to one, melding midair to perform precise and powerful movements high above the audience.

"Strap acts are usually done with only one person, and the toes are kept pointed to make clean straight lines," Kevin says. "We broke with that, combined hip-hop and fast movements, flexing our feet, breaking the line and making shapes with our bodies. With two people, it has a completely modern and unique feel."

The Athertons' role in "Varekai" is part of a dream sequence; the main character, an Icarus figure, has fallen from the sky and dreams of once again taking flight. Audience members have described the brothers, in their close-fitting black costumes and headgear, as "black birds," calling their aerial performance, with its intricate and mirror-image maneuvers, "birds in flight."

Andrew says people often come to him after the show to tell him that their act gave them chills. Both Andrew and Kevin are quite familiar with this feeling. "We absolutely get chills every night when we perform; even though we created the movements, it still gets to us."


Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at January 22nd, 2006 (11:33 am)


more!Collapse )

c'mon, guys, let me feel the love!


Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at January 22nd, 2006 (11:14 am)

Cirque du Soleil's Varekai creates its own spectacular world
By Frank Rizzo, The Hartford Courant
Posted January 20, 2006

Cirque du Soleil's Varekai introduces acts of spectacular acrobatic agility, amazing strength and sublime clowning.

Of course, all of the acts of Cirque du Soleil are presented with great theatricality, employing music, dance, song and theatrical effects to create a spectacular world defined by style, imagination and execution, a world that is singularly Cirque.

The organization has 11 different shows, six on tour, four in Las Vegas and one at Disney World in Orlando. Varekai is scheduled tonight through Feb. 26 at Miami's Bicentennial Park.

Backstage interviews with several of the Varekai performers give a peek into the high-flying world of Cirque from a down-to-earth perspective. Without makeup, music and colored lights, these performers show that to be Cirque may be divine, but hey, they're human, too.

Andrew and Kevin Atherton shake hands with a solid grip, but it's nothing unusual. It's a hearty, friendly shake, but nothing like the viselike clutch the identical twins from England need when they grab onto their aerial straps -- and each other -- with their bare hands. With no safety line or net, they swoop and spin around the stage with breathtaking speed and grace. And when the spinning stops, the straps launch them upward, making it seem they're taking an express elevator to heaven.

The 30-year-old men came to Cirque from the world of gymnastics, where they were major competitors and Olympic contenders for England. When they visited a friend who worked in Cirque's Alegria, the twins immediately sensed that was destined to be for them. "We knew that when the time came to finish gymnastics, that's what we wanted to do," Kevin said.

But what exactly would they do? A routine on a pommel horse works at the Olympics, but is it theatrical?

"They threw us in the deep end of the pool," Andrew said of the time they arrived in Montreal to train to be Cirque performers. "We were told to go into a room -- a dance studio with a mirror -- and just work on stuff, with no mandate. It was difficult at first because, coming from the gymnastics world, we work as individuals, and for the first few months, we did a lot of arguing where one of us would disappear out of the room and then come back an hour later."

The free-form workout taught the men how to create things as a team. "In gymnastics, you're told what to do -- to do it exactly like this. But here we could do whatever we wanted in whatever way we wanted," Andrew said.

One thing they avoided was playing off their twinship. "We didn't go that route where everything is a mirror image," said Kevin, who describes himself as the more logical one. Andrew, he said, is "the more artistic type."

Life in the air is a breeze for them now, but not all family members feel the same way.

"The first time our mother saw our act, she was very nervous," Kevin said. "She's very fearful of heights, even small heights. Seeing her two sons go up to that height with no safety net and just holding onto each other's grip, well, it didn't go down well with her the first time. She had to come back a few times just to be able to enjoy it."

"We're up there living our dream," Andrew said. "And the fact that we're doing it together is something we thought would never happen."


Sarah [userpic]
by Sarah (tournesolgraine)
at January 20th, 2006 (04:06 pm)

two WP's:

this doesn't really pertain to the andi and kev, but here are some colorbars: cirque du soleil CB'sCollapse )

atherton twins CB coming soon!

frodov [userpic]
by frodov (frodo_varekai)
at January 17th, 2006 (04:58 pm)

I was wondering if someone could please make me a cursor that says Varekai. Please.

Also I want to get an icon that has frodo on the left and something to do with Varekai on the right. I do not know what picture to put. If you could recommend a picture please or make me an icon, that would be extra nice.


Fae [userpic]
VAREKAI video!!!!!
by Fae (cirquechic204)
at January 15th, 2006 (02:19 pm)

So now, I've made a video with some Varekai clips. I set it to 'Circle of Life' from the Lion King. I'm very proud of it, it think the song works great for Varekai, and really goes with the meaning of the show! Well, here it is! Please tell me what you think!! Download it good for seven days, then i'll reupload it in anyone still wants it.


I would suggest playing the video ad 50% size. When it starts playing, right click on the image, select video size, and play at 50% video size. It gives you a MUCH clearer picture than at 100% does, I don't know why, it just does!! lol!!


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